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~ Pro-TOOLS~ Tough tools that last ~

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Why use our tools?

Here at Andes Nursery we do a lot of trimming in a day, as such we're always striving to get work done quickly and efficiently. These tools are the best we've found, they're not only professional grade and comfortable to use, they're also extremely durable and may outlast you! 

"These lightweight tools are the sharpest & most comfortable I've ever used"

Jason Andes

(owner of tree farm 22+years experience)

Professional Grade Nursery Tools

High quality German & USA craftsmanship!

Screenshot (3).png

Strong aluminum handles - lightweight and rust-free

• Special ergonomic non-slip grips for comfort & reduced hand fatigue

• All parts replaceable

• Cushioned bumpers to save your knuckles

• Designed for cutting large scale topiary and hedges

Professional Shears: $50.00 

Screenshot (4).png

• Geared transmission for increased power

• High carbon steel blade

• Non-stick coating for easier pruning & cleaning

• Telescopic handles for increased leverage and reach

• Weighs under 3 lbs.

• Extends from 19in to 32in

Professional Loppers: $70.00 

Screenshot (5).png

Professional Pruners: $25.00 

 Chrome plated carbon steel

• Never-fail lock

• Ergonomic TPR non-slip grips for comfort

• Replaceable blade and spring 

Screenshot (6).png

• 13 inch blade will easily cut limbs Up to 16.5 inches in diameter

• Impulse hardened teeth

• Steeper pitch angle and curved blade for faster cutting

• Tri-edge tooth pattern cuts on the draw stroke

• Durable metal handle

• Replaceable blades

• Scabbard included

Professional Pistol Grip Saw: $45.00 

Screenshot (7).png

IW1410 Replacement Blades: $22.00 

• 13 Replacement Blade Kit for IW1410Kit Includes:Blade (2)Attachment Bolts

• High carbon steel blades with corrosion resistance

• Quick release never-fail lock

• Deep sap grooves for longer pruning

• Replaceable blades, spring and bumpers

• Double bumpers and ergonomic handles

Screenshot (8).png

Long Needle Nose Secateurs: $35.00 

 Chrome plated carbon steel

• Never-fail lock

• Ergonomic TPR non-slip grips for comfort

• Replaceable blade and spring 


8" Quick Release Bypass Pruner: $25

IW 1414 Sheath


 Fits most pruners

• Lightweight design

• Has a belt loop and a belt clip

• Tough, durable and can withstand years of use


 Designed for smaller hands

• Easily cuts up to 5/8"

• Super tough nylon polymer handles (Same as football helmets)

• Nonstick coating on the blade for easy cleaning and smoother cutting

Replaceable blades

Mini Ratchet Pruner: $25.00

Ratchet Pruner.png

• Strong aluminum handles, light weight and rust free!

• Special ergonomic non-slip grips for comfort and reduced hand fatigue

• Special non-stick coating on a high strength carbon steel replaceable blade

• Hand guard helps getting into bushes

No metal to metal contact for longer lasting blades

• Tensionable lock

• Curved blade ideal for green or dead wood

Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner: $35.00

• Taper ground hard chrome plated SK4 Japanese steel blade

• Metal on metal lock; locks open and closed

• Real non-slip rubber grip for comfort and safety

• Slotted blade cleans as it cuts & keeps blade cooler to resist sap and pitch buildup

• Curvature ground tri-edge teeth to reduce cutting resistance

• Impulse hardened teeth for superior durability and sharpness

• Cuts on he draw stroke

Curved Blade Folding Saw $35.00

Folding Saw.png
Screenshot (16).png

• 18.9" long and only weighs 2 lbs.! 

• Cuts almost 2 inches

• High carbon steel blades (Replaceable) 

• Powder coated aluminum jaw

• Tack coated steel body and handles

• Comfort grips

• 6 stage ratchet 

• All parts replaceable 

• Always "ratchet on red"

Ratchet Lopper: $75.00


• Tines adjust from 7 1/2" to over 24"

• Nickel Cadmium plated to prevent rust

• Tines and handles are all steel construction

Adjust-O-Rake: $30.00

Plant Marker.png

• 25 for $20

• 100% Stainless steel 10" Plant labels

• 13 gauge stainless steel diameter post 

• L-Style plant labels are designed with the post in front and the label angled up and to the back

Plant markers: $20.00


Stop by Lex's Kraft Cabin where all our professional nursery tools are in stock. Plus some others not even mentioned. Look forward to seeing everyone!

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