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~  BULK  Yard  ~  By the scoop or the pallet.

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Why use our Bulk Yard? 

* We have a professional landscaper, nurseryman, owner with 24+ years experience.

  Jason can assist in answering those questions you may have.

* Quality hand selected products that we use on the farm, on jobsites & commercial sites.

* Small local business with direct ties to the community. 

* Competitor pricing is chosen based off the lowest prices with no focus on quality. 

*NO CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS accepted. We only accept CASH on pickup orders unless your a landscaper with a business check.

 Lets keep it simple. We are a mom & pop shop.  


We only bring in Premium Grade Mulch (zero dirt in ours). We keep our bins very organized so materials don't mix. We take great pride in keeping clean yard which in turn means higher quality product in each bin. 


Pickup only. Sorry we do not offer delivery service.

(We do deliver Nursery stock)

Small Scoop         Large Scoop

   Small scoop is 1/2 yard (approx)                       Large scoop is full yard (approx)

*2B Stone $25 / $50

*1B Stone $25 / $50

*2A Sub Base Modified $25 / $50

*Screened Topsoil $25 / $50 

*Signature Peat Humis/Organic Mix $25 / $50

*Chocolate Brown Mulch $25 / $50

*Midnight Black Mulch $25 / $50

*J's Favorite RiverRock $25 / $50


*Bagged Peat Humis is available for $5.88 per bag*

*Bagged Stone (Delaware River) available.*

*We are not responsible for any damage done by loading. 

Customer is welcome to load by hand themselves. We load as a courtesy with our equipment.

All vehicles are loaded with our equipment is at your own risk. You assume liability if your vehicle can handle the load and safely transport it down the road. Tarping or strapping pallets is customers responsibility. You should be aware of PA law and what you vehicle can and can't do. By entering the bulk yard customers must be aware of trip hazards, debris blowing and all other hazards in a working bulk yard. You enter at your own risk. We are a wholesale yard. 

Seasoned Firewood

All fire wood has been well seasoned. It is made up of only hardwoods.

Cut and split ready to provide you with warmth for winter. 

We LOAD by the pallet with a machine or your welcome to load yourself also.

Price for LARGE BAG is $130

(includes the bag fee or return bag for $20back)

(our competitor less than 10 miles away is $199.00 for same size pallet)       


Heavy duty Mosquito netting on the “front” & “back” and Nylon woven “sides” & “bottom” with vent strips stitched in for MAXIMUM air flow.

UV resistant materials. Our bags spend their whole life uncovered and in as much sun as possible and still hold up very well.

Standard with (4) loops on top for lifting

Extra (2) loops on one side on the bottom for tipping to unload

 * $20 bag deposit fee applied, if bag returned within 30days full refund given.

Please note bag must be brought back free of damage for refund.


We are currently working with other vendors to provide different size pallets of firewood with different price points.

Check back shortly for more info. All sales of firewood are final. No returns.


6/13/2024 skid loader unavailable after 10am 

*(sorry due to rain going to do deliveries, nursery still open till 3pm)

6/26/2024 CLOSED 

Natural Stone


-Stone Boulders 



-Belgium Blocks

-Stone Benches

-And more!

Pallets range in price from $100 to $400 depending on their size, color and weight.

Zebra Stone.jpg
Autumn Haze River (2)_edited.jpg
Laurel Mountain Boulders 1.jpg

Boulders - Autumn Haze River

Boulders - Laurel Mountain

Boulders - Zebra

Colonial Gray Thin Wallstone.jpg
Colonial Grey Heavy Wallstone.jpg

Thin Wallstone - Colonial Grey

Boulders - White Marble

Heavy Wallstone - Colonial Grey


(5x5x9) Belgium Blocks - Grey

(5x5x9) Belgium Blocks - Yellow

(10x4x7) Belgium Blocks - Grey Jumbo 

Rustic Rounds.jpg
Tumbled Blue Stone 2.jpg

Rustic Rounds

(5x5x9) Belgium Blocks - Black

Tumbled Blue Stone


Premade True Blue Fire Pit Kit 

We try to always have 50 + pallets in stock!




*Signature Peat Humis/Organic Mix

 $5.88 bag (on sale)

*Will help each tree when planted root better and grow faster. 

On average you need 1 bag for 2-3 trees.

Nursery Entrance


Go down the long driveway between the bank and the Verizon building, there is a Christmas tree painted on the pavement in green. We also have our sign out alongside the driveway too!

This entrance can handle any size truck or trailer.

If you have a trailer hooked on to your truck please remain parked in the bulk yard. If you have no trailer hooked on your welcome to drive around the shop directly up to greenhouses for plant sales.

We will bring plants down for customers who have trailers. 

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