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Lex's Kraft Cabin ~ Small/local/handmade/unique 

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        Lex's Kraft Cabin was an idea that started back in 2012. Since then we have made well over 100 contacts thru Pennsylvania mainly but also OH & MD. We specifically wanted to start a gift shop that had ALL handmade items from only mom/pop shops just like us. We are just a family based small business out of our house and buying local, small means so much to us. We have all sorts of items from lotions, honey, maple syrup, butcher blocks, knives, metal art, chainsaw carvings, wood art, candles, signs, antiques and many odd ball items. Take a ride in the country & stop by a store from the past here in modern America. We believe in the old traditional ways. Little general stores are disappearing across America faster than they are opening. We look forward to seeing you. Just a Dad & daughter with a dream. 


Concrete Statuary


Concrete Statuary by Jason & Alexis:

Dad and daughter duo teamed up to create unique pieces that are one of a kind. Each piece is either stained or painted with premium outdoor concrete products that will last. 

-We always have 500+ pieces on hand!
-Size ranges from 1 to 1000lbs! 
-Photos are not representative of our current selection, please call or visit us during business hours for availability and pricing.


We always have 500+ Items in stock! 

Please call for availability or visit us during business hours

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