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Wholesale Login - Last updated 1/26/2019

Prices are always subject to change & availability. Call to place all orders is preferred.
Scanned Wholesale Booklet is below. It has about 90% of what I grow.  If you don't see an item please call or email. I do also buy in alot of items as well. (Fruit trees, Alaskan Cedar, etc)

* Want to get SPECIALS and other email notifications? 

How email & just ask to be added to our specials list or click the link 

PS Make sure you let us know your a business as we have retail & business email specials. 

I do offer DELIVERY for certain areas. Call me to discuss this. We also offer custom digging now.
Please check we now have 2 pickup locations pending what the order consists of.

Note: I try my best to update this site but to be honest we forget or sometimes are just too busy. It's always best to reach out directly via phone to me to ask if you don't see something. I never mind phone calls and prefer them the most. I also understand while in the "season" you may want to call early am's or even later pm's. I'M OKAY WITH THAT. I am just like you guys, busy during the working hours 8-5 and it's easier for me to take calls early am or later pm as well.

I ALWAYS CALL PEOPLE BACK THE SAME DAY, if you don't hear back call me because I must not have a correct #. 
(The only day of the week I don't do or take calls is Sunday)
Jason Andes 

I will work with you the best I can on pricing. I really appreciate the customers who use our nursery on a regular basis, big or small orders. 

Weeping Alaskan Cedar

5-6ft Potted $99

6-9ft b&b $156

9-12ft b&b $188

Tri-Color Beech

1.5-2" - $151

2-3" - $196

I do have some smaller potted ones coming. Will update pricing when they arrive.

Purple Fountain Beech (weep)

2-3" - $228

3-4" - $280

I do have some smaller potted ones coming. Will update pricing when they arrive.


2.5-3" cal b&b - $130

2" caliper b&b - $108

Potted $16-27 range from 3ft-7ft

Some of the Apple varieties are Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Honeygold, Honeycrisp, Gala, Winesap, Mcintosh + I usually get a few other varieties I didn't order as well. 


Field grown 14-18"  on sale for $16each 

(very limited amount for spring 2019)

*Rounded globes with bright gold foliage. 

Zoned 3-7 prefers full or part sun. 

Pic taken in Jan 2019

We can b&b them or some will be dug and potted in #5 or #7

Limited amount of 


Dwarf English Boxwood 

Only $19.50 

Most are around 20"

FYI- We do carry Landscape Fabric & Sod Staples

6" Staples- $40 per 1000 or 7cents each

4x100ft- $17.50 Economy Grade
4x300- $75.00 2oz Spunbound (Contractor Grade)
6x300- $90.00 3oz Woven w/lines (ProGrade)

*Note: As you can see by photo I get calls and sell in bulk and often times could sell out. Try and always give me heads up on larger orders.