Quality, Dependable, FAMILY 

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Andes Nursery was founded by Jason Andes and is located in Catawissa Pennsylvania. We are a small family farm that believes in strong values and giving back to the earth. We believe in providing a quality tree and personal service, things only offered by a small business where we still understand a customer's needs. We also believe it's a wonderful way to raise our little girl who will grow up with values instilled by farming. If you're wondering, my little helper's name is Alexis Rayne.


I love watching both my babies growing!


Alexis standing next to a 'Standard Little Gem' but she is our 'Little Gem'


She loves climbing in the apple trees. 

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Why Us

Working in the tree and landscape business most of my life, I understood what happens to most businesses: they get too big and forget how they got there. I believe in approaching every job with my individual touch to give it my best. When you call Andes Nursery, you get Jason; the owner who plants, grows, digs and does the entire job. That is something missing from BIG CORPORATE AMERICA. Please support small family businesses before we all disappear! 

Planting Supervisor

Planting Supervisor.jpg

Field Operations Manager

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We also employee our own Nursery Inspector!

Nursery Inspector.jpg

This is Maggie she has been promoted to

CHIEF of Security!


I'm sure you will meet her if coming after hours !

Our Call Center is always ready to assist!


Lead Machine Operator


Lead Mowing Technician 


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There is a reason we have a massive following on social media. The reason is simple: we do great work, have wholesale pricing, are always on time, treat customers with respect and most importantly we do what we say we are going to do. 

If I really wanted to, I could hire 3 crews to be out planting and just start knocking jobs out. However, I know quality would decrease and we would be that company that got too big and forgot who they were. Instead, we keep it simple with a small business family owned & operated with some help. By using this model, we can keep true to our ad below. 



Andes Nursery = 
Unmatched quality & Service
at wholesale pricing.
*The only choice in PA.