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Contact Us + Terms of Sale

Please get in touch!

*Allow 72hrs for return phone calls & emails.

*Any calls/emails that come in on Friday & Saturday may not be returned until following week.

*Do not message thru social media. Always call or email me directly. We get 100+ messages a day on social media with a lot being spam. It is easy to miss a real order.



Interested in our services?  

Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks for submitting!

*Please note if you use "Apple" based products just email us directly at

This form works well with windows or android based systems however

"apple" it does not. 

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Contact Information


Andes Nursery

Phone: 570-991-0430 Main



Please note days below 

for schedule changes: 

7/24/2024 - Nursery is Open

*no loader service*

 Sorry for any inconvenience.  



*If you want to come on a day when we are not scheduled open please call ahead we can sometimes accommodate Mon-Tues etc appts.

Nursery Entrance 

This is our entrance for ALL customers.


Go down the long driveway between the bank and the Verizon building, there is a Christmas tree painted on the pavement in green. We also have our sign out alongside the driveway too!



A deposit is required upon ordering (dependent on order size). Payments are to be made by cash or check. All prices are subject to change anytime without notice. We reserve the right to reject all or any part of an order refunding payments made. It is the customer's responsibility to verify accuracy of the order by kind and size upon pickup or delivery. Any problems with the order MUST be resolved upon pickup or delivery, there will be no adjustments accepted after order is picked up or delivered. All SALES are considered final. 


*Out of state customers checks must clear 10 days prior to order pickup or delivery. Orders will need to be paid in full before any stock leaves farm.*


*Any deposit put down is non refundable after trees are dug out or tagged for cancelled orders. Any stock ordered in is also non refundable for deposit if order cancelled. 



Pickups & deliveries are scheduled appointments. We cannot be held liable for customers that fail to show up on pickup/delivery date, causing product to be exposed to weather conditions. We can quote you a delivery price depending on order size and distance or we can recommend trucking companies to use. Please note we cannot be held responsible for product being hauled by other carriers. Customer is responsible for trees being properly tied down, covered and vehicle/trailer is equipped to handle tree order. Customer is responsible for safety of there own vehicle/trailer for proper transport after leaving farm.


Andes Nursery does not guarantee stock after pickup, delivery, or planting. We have no control over weather, soil, or maintenance conditions of the plants. We do not replace plants/trees that fail to live or thrive. No warranty is ever given or implied as to the growth of stock after you receive it. 



Andes Nursery is not responsible for any damage done when installing nursery stock. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the area has no obstructions i.e. septic lines, power lines, drains etc when planting by hand.

*Andes Nursery is only obligated for a PA 1 Call when using powered equipment.

*Any checks that are insufficient will result in swift prosecution.*

Employment Inquiries: 


Looking for employment opportunities? If so please send a resume to 

We are always looking for professional, intelligent, people with integrity and good hearted individuals. We do have a strict drug testing policy and code of conduct. 

tarped load web.jpg

We use mesh tarps on all loads to protect trees in transport!


*if you pickup we also sell mesh tarps*

Deposit or Payment Address

P.O. Box 101

Numidia, PA 17858


Address for Pickup Orders

1089 Numidia Drive

Catawissa, PA 17820

*pickup orders are CASH only unless you're a landscaper (business check only)

*Pennsylvania HIC # PA116642

*PA Nursery License 006VAQ

*Licensed Private Pesticide Applicator

*PA Sales Tax License

*Liability Insurance  $2,000,000 Policy

*24years Experience

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