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Watering your Nursery stock before planting...

When you buy our nursery stock, it will either come in Bagged in Burlap or Potted. If you cannot plant them right away, you'll need to water these plants once a day until thoroughly saturated with water. A plant that is in a pot will be lightweight when it needs to be watered and noticeably heavier when it's fully watered. For a plant in burlap, be sure to apply the water gently to avoid damaging the root ball. Additionally, for plants in burlap, take care not to water the plant's foliage, especially if the branches are tied up, as it could lead to burning. 


How often to water trees Bagged in Burlap?

For trees that come bagged in burlap, we recommend watering once a week, for 4-6 weeks after planting. How much water a plant needs depends on the size. For example, a 4ft arborvitae would need about 15 gallons per watering, whereas a 12ft maple tree would need about 25 gallons per watering. 

*2 times a week of really hot & dry*

How often to water trees and plants that are Potted?

Potted plants are planted in a lightweight soil mix. This allows the roots to spread easily so that the plant can grow faster. However, lightweight soil will hold less water. Because of this, we recommend watering potted plants 2-3 times per week, for 4-6 weeks after planting. 

How your soil effects watering...

The quality of the soil where you're planting will factor into how much you'll have to water your plants. For example, in the Poconos, the soil is very rocky. This soil doesn't hold water well, so plants will need to be watered more often. In contrast, the soil around Pittsburgh is wet and heavy clay, so people planting in that area may not have to water at all!


Here at the nursery, we have sprinklers and irrigation to insure that are plants are watered thoroughly every day. 

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