Amish Made Lifetime Furniture

LIFETIME FURNITURE you only have to buy 1 time!

Poly furniture produced from recycled materials that boasts a nearly maintenance free character


The poly features 24 color choices that can also be combined to create your own unique pieces!


COMPARE OUR PRICES to our competitors

We are usually 30-50% cheaper -  sometimes even more! 

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Jason Andes is already known by many at Andes Nursery, a trusted name in the nursery business. What most people don't know is that Jason has strong ties with the Amish community and has made many friends. The Amish are known for quality craftsmanship and their way of life.  Jason has been working with the Amish for over 2 decades and has seen first hand the quality of their work is exceptional. He realized this should not be kept just to himself and decided to bring this craftsmanship to everyone.

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Andes Nursery already is a trusted name in business. We can deliver a quality product made locally and support the Amish Community. We are dependable and we will work with you on a personal level only seen in family business today.

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Due to fluctuating prices and poly-wood shortages, exact cost cannot be guaranteed until order is received.
All prices are subject to change. 
*Currently 9% poly surcharge*


$199 each (black legs/standard colors)

*cup holders are available $20 each (only in black)


*any tropical/premium color add 15% onto price 

*available in 24 colors

Item# 880B Poly Trad Chairs with Black F


Upright Adirondack Chairs

$199 (w/black base)

*much easier for people who don't wanna bend down as low


*add 15% for premium/tropical colors 

*available in 24 colors


English Garden Bench

4 foot bench on sale only $299 (w/black base)

*add 15% for premium/tropical colors 

*available in 24 colors


Dining Tables

44"x44"  Square= $399 w/black base 

44"x64" Rectangle= $465 w/black base

44"x84" Rectangle= $599 w/black base


48" Round Table= $454 w/black base

44"x72" Oval Table= $517 w/black base

*add 15% for premium/tropical colors 

*available in 24 colors

*Table only pricing, want umbrella hole added $25 


Mini Tables

Go perfectly with our Adirondack chairs. Great for cellphones, newspaper, eating, etc. 

17 "x 21"  = $92 (w/black base)


*add 15% for premium/tropical colors 

*available in 24 colors


Picture of underneath of table. Made with all Stainless steel hardware and aluminum framing. These are built to last with quality craftsmanship that is unmatched. 


Dining Chairs

With Arms = $194 (w/black base)

Without Arms = $164 (w/black base)

*add 15% for premium/tropical colors 

*available in 24 colors


Serving/Bar Counters   28"x58"

*includes 2 bar stools

$749 (w/black base)

*add 15% for premium/tropical colors 

*available in 24 colors

Porch Rocker

$243 (w/black base)

*add 15% for premium/tropical colors 

*available in 24 colors

Picnic Table.jpg

6 Foot Picnic Table with 66" benches

$1049 for entire set (w/black base)


$975 for entire set (with benches attached & w/black base)

*add 15% for premium/tropical colors 

*available in 24 colors

There are 24 colors for the items listed above. 

We do have a color board at our location and sample chairs, tables etc to sit on and see what you prefer. All pieces are made to order. 

Simply too many color combinations to have pre-made pieces. 

On average it takes about 14-30 business days to complete an order depending on our schedule. 

This is only a small selection of the most popular items we sell. We can also do better pricing whenever you order multiple pieces. These items are based on PICKUP pricing. Shipping is only available for certain items. 

Our Guarantee


Hand-selected material for the best quality.

Parts that fit together.

Local Pennsylvania Amish & myself make all of these products right here in PA!

Shipping Information

Prices above are picked up on site at 

For shipping quotes you will need to call and each quote will be priced separately.